CEASE is committed to strengthening the human-pet bond

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We help pay for basic care for your pet

Our Mission - CEASE pays health care expenses for low-income pet owners making it easier to keep their animals at home.

We help eliminate the unnecessary surrender of healthy animals to our local shelters by providing subsidies to low-income members of society. We assist residents in our community who are challenged by paying for basic and necessary care for their companion pets and make it easier for them to keep their pets in their homes. Our goal is to remove the surrender of the pet solely for financial reasons so we can help strengthen the human-pet bond.

A needs-based program for Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County residents

What we can do for you - CEASE recognizes that many pet owners need help maintaining the health of their pets including sterilizations. We provide both basic health care and surgical sterilizations for companion pets. Our program is limited to people who are dependent upon and enrolled in any form of assistance that has become an accepted part of our governmental institutions.

The great majority of animals that come into our shelter systems do so because humans have given up on them. Our program tries to address that issue by reducing the need for those unnecessary surrenders. If people cannot afford to provide the proper care for their pets, there are only two outcomes: either the pets do not receive the care they need and their condition deteriorates to the point of suffering; or the people choose to surrender their pet as they cannot pay for the care required. Both outcomes mean that the pet suffers the result. Neither should be acceptable in our society today.

This helps make pet ownership a more affordable and rewarding experience. We are here to help people in our community keep their pet, thereby strengthening the human-pet bond while also reducing the incidence of unnecessary surrenders at our open-access shelters. 

We are CEASE

The Coalition to Educate Alternatives to Senseless Euthanasia



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