The CEASE Program

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CEASE is grateful to our many local donors and to the foundations who believe in our mission and in the necessity of our program by giving generously during the year so we can continue to make this available to the people in our community who need it.

Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties – This program is currently available only to low-income residents in these counties.

Companion pets only - CEASE will pay for any basic care veterinary needs, including surgical sterilizations, for your companion pets. Basic health care subsidies are available to anyone who resides in Miami-Dade, Broward or Palm Beach Counties and is on some form of accepted governmental assistance. You make your own appointments and arrange your own schedule on how you will receive service for your pet. Unfortunately, due to the nature and restrictions of some of our funders, we cannot offer this program to those who are caring for their neighborhood strays regardless of species.

What it pays for and how - The applicant can use any of the several low-cost clinics located in the three counties that are listed on our “Clinics” page and CEASE will reimburse the applicant for all approved charges upon submission of the invoice for service. If the applicant chooses to use a private for-profit animal hospital, CEASE will pay for those approved services up to the listed fees charged by the geographically closest non-profit clinic for the same services. Any costs above that amount will be the applicant’s co-pay.

Qualifying for the subsidy – This program is only available for the residents in our coverage area who are on some form of low-income, government sponsored supplement. The Application Form and related information can be found on our “Qualifying” page.  

Emergency care is not included - We must stress that this does not include emergency care as those costs can escalate quickly and rather dramatically. If we were to open our hearts and our wallet for extreme cases, then a single case could deplete our limited funds very quickly and detract from our ability to help many other equally deserving pet owners due to the rapid outflow of funds. Emergency care under certain circumstances might be considered but must be approved judiciously in advance. However, this vetting process does not lend itself to the quick response needed in life-threatening situations. We are very sorry for this limitation but we must take the overall welfare of our program in general into consideration. We hope you will understand if you find yourself in this situation.

There are a few foundations and charities in the country that provide funding to individual pet owners for emergency or special care. They have their own requirements and guidelines and those are posted on their websites. Here are the organizations that we are familiar with who serve all companion animals. There are some others that are breed specific, mostly for dogs, but those are very limiting and are not listed below:

Onyx and Breezy Foundation

Red Rover

Banfield Foundation

The Pet Fund

Animal Emergency Care Fund

Rose’s Fund for Animals

There are also other programs that serve specific purposes or breeds. Many of these programs can be found on an excellent site maintained by Banfield Foundation. They list programs that cover the entire country as well as programs in every state. We encourage you to see if any of the programs listed could benefit you and your individual needs. 

Banfield Foundation – Help for Pet Owners